Free Flow: Patience Dims

My days go by so fast with running a start up and a home that my brain has a hard time calming down at the end of the day to structure all the posts that are constantly running through my head. Bloggers, you know what I mean right? I’m so not the only one writing […]

Mujeres with Soul for a Latin Touch

Mujeres with Soul Playlist

Disclosure: As a 2014 Coffe-mate Ambassador, this is a sponsored post brought to you courtesy of Coffee-mate. All opinions and stories are my own. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my life in México. Es más una añoranza a lo que fue. Of the life I had there because it was during […]

Procrastination vs Creation

Cherry blossoms and street art at the Highline

The honest truth is that I’m here writing this right now just because I’m freaking out about the project I should really be working on at 10:30pm at night. You know you do it too. You have a massive deadline. A huge announcement. A “thing,” that ridiculously important “thing” to “do” and you give yourself […]

My Personal Stop Doing List

Stop Doing List --

Have you read Danielle LaPorte? She’s one of my online gurus and I can’t believe I haven’t told you about her yet. It’s her and Marie Forleo and others that I will just have to write a blog post about and share for those of you still living in oblivion to their wonderful-ness. Since online […]

How I’ve (Finally) Learned to Say “No”

¿Porqué nos cuesta tanto decir NO? I ask myself that all the time. Why is it so freaking hard to say no? My gut tells me immediately. I feel my whole body tighten up and send all sorts of alarm signals that, in all honesty, I do feel and recognize but decide to completely ignore. ¿Te […]

Saying “I Love You,” “Te Quiero” or “Te Amo”

If you are very comfortable speaking two languages and switching back and forth between them with complete ease, like I am in Spanish, then you know you have a choice — or more like a preference — of words and phrases that just sound better in one language over the other. Some words just have […]

Why MadreVida?

I’m pretty sure those that know me are probably thinking “Does she really need another blog?” and the classic “How does she do it all?” First of all, I don’t “do it all,” para nada! I fail miserably at the balancing act of perfectionism, so I’ve just embraced the fact that a sense of balance that […]