Free Flow: Patience Dims

My days go by so fast with running a start up and a home that my brain has a hard time calming down at the end of the day to structure all the posts that are constantly running through my head. Bloggers, you know what I mean right? I’m so not the only one writing posts in my head all day!

So I’m letting my brain free flow. I’m not using my laptop, just my iPad on a Logitech keyboard and the OmmWriter app. I close my eyes and let my brain, soul and fingers connect and let whatever wants to come out, come out. Lo que sea y sin censura. That’s the most important part: no judgement.

The hardest part of this experiment is sharing the words, because judgement. But I know it’s safe here with you all. So here’s the first one that free flowed (absolutely no editing) two days ago.

as inspiration waits, patience dims
a true dance. an awakening with no voice. a reality that submerges the truth of our days.
an unconcious consciousness of a need to surrender in the beauty of the breath.
i live and breathe. i dance and gasp
i know and share that which is tinged with realness and vagueness.
i don’t know, yet I surrender to create with no judgement of the mind.
I dance in my head with the words that appear, ready for their moment unseen yet real
no need to comprehend the flow when you let go
I appear in a trance not familiar enough.

No me dejen sola! Will you try the experiment too? Doesn’t have to be an iPad. Pen and paper are ideal.  And will you share with me if you do? Would love to free flow with you.

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    • Ana says

      It’s like therapy!! I used to do it so much and stopped so many years ago. Why do we stop doing that which makes us feel so good? In any case, let me know when you do and if you share. Would love to read!

    • Ana says

      I can’t believe you did this to me! Now I can’t get it out of my head! Ugh!!!!! It’s one of those songs…

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