The Children of Malawi

Malawi Children

Above photo credit: @Chookooloonks. All others below and video are mine and taken with an iPhone 6. It’s been five days since I left Malawi and all I can think about are the children. Their faces of joy, curiosity and excitement as soon as they’d see our caravan of vans arrive at their village are […]

Malawi with the ONE Campaign and Heifer International

Lake Malawi Sunset

Note: I wrote this within hours of arriving to Malawi last week but never got a chance to publish it due to the chopppy internet that was available. I decided to still publish it to give context to the series of posts coming up detailing the trip. The view from the terrace in my room where […]

All About that Family Trip to Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe

Ensenada beach hot springs

I so needed a vacation and some real, real quality time with my girl and husband after the crazy, beautiful amazingness that was #WeAllGrow Summit. My girl’s spring break was three weeks after #WeAllGrow, so I blocked off the whole week so we could take off as a family on a border-crossing roadtrip. El Valle […]

A Family Ski Trip to Lake Tahoe

The first time I saw snow, like real inches-deep powdery snow, I was in my twenties. Growing up in El Salvador, I used to fantasize of making a snowman, of throwing myself sin ningún cuidado sobre la nieve and make snow angels. I always wondered how it would feel to open my mouth and let […]

#ThrowbackThursday — Tulum

That was me only eight years ago, but it seems so far away. Tulum, in the Mexican Riviera Maya, is my favorite place of the Madre Tierra I know. It’s my sacred place. It’s the place I think about and get a sudden and sharp pain in my gut de la añoranza de querer estar […]