‘it’s a small world’ — 50 Years Celebrating Peace and Hope Across the World

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Today we are connected globally at the touch of a screen. In most cases it’s so easy for our kids to grow up with a global conscious that involves an understanding and respect for different languages and cultures. This is such a new phenomenon, but fifty years ago Walt Disney embraced the vision of uniting all children of  the world under one flag by creating “it’s a small world” with a theme song that is so simple, yet catchy, that it can be sung in any language.

Last Thursday, I was pinching myself at 4:30 in the morning, while overdosing in caffeine, because I was standing in front of the “it’s a small world” attraction witnessing the live broadcast on Good Morning America of a choir of Disneyland Resort cast members singing the iconic song. The area was set up with full live broadcast gear since this was part of a global sing-a-long to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the “it’s a small world” theme park attraction that first opened as a tribute to peace and hope, saluting UNICEF, at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Fifty years later, Walt’s dream has expanded into five theme parks around the world: Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. All five Disney Resorts worldwide joined the sing-a-long with cast members and special guests singing to the familiar tune in different languages. They were all strung together into one piece of TV magic on Good Morning America that ended with the choir we were witnessing in Anaheim. Goosebumps galore as we realized we had been been recording via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook a piece of history.

Fifty years ago this beautiful attraction and catchy song was inspired by a man and his team of creatives to bring humanity together as one. Today, his vision and passion are still alive and his message lives on a broader stage.

That stage also expands to smallworld50.com where you can be part of the celebration by recording and uploading a video of you singing “it’s a small world” in any language you like.  You can also design your own digital doll to share with your friends (use and follow #smallworld50) and activate a donation to benefit UNICEF’s work with children all over the world.

Si la quieres cantar en español, te puedes inspirar con este videito de Mickey dirigiendo a un grupo cantando la “Muy Pequeño el Mundo Es” en español para las cámaras de Despierta América en Univisión.

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