Why I Said Sí to Allstate Foundation Purple Purse

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse

Disclosure: I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Allstate Foundation on the Purple Purse campaign. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. We carry our purse around with us every single day without even a second thought of why we do it. Claro, it’s where we keep the things we need to […]

The Children of Malawi

Malawi Children

Above photo credit: @Chookooloonks. All others below and video are mine and taken with an iPhone 6. It’s been five days since I left Malawi and all I can think about are the children. Their faces of joy, curiosity and excitement as soon as they’d see our caravan of vans arrive at their village are […]

Malawi with the ONE Campaign and Heifer International

Lake Malawi Sunset

Note: I wrote this within hours of arriving to Malawi last week but never got a chance to publish it due to the chopppy internet that was available. I decided to still publish it to give context to the series of posts coming up detailing the trip. The view from the terrace in my room where […]

All About that Family Trip to Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe

Ensenada beach hot springs

I so needed a vacation and some real, real quality time with my girl and husband after the crazy, beautiful amazingness that was #WeAllGrow Summit. My girl’s spring break was three weeks after #WeAllGrow, so I blocked off the whole week so we could take off as a family on a border-crossing roadtrip. El Valle […]

Rocking “Me” Days at SXSW Interactive

flaming lips at sxsw

For the last five years I’ve been trying to make it out to SXSW Interactive. But truth is the thought always overwhelmed me and I was intimidated to tackle it all on my own. It felt too big, too complicated, too party-ish, too expensive, but every year I would say, “Next year for sure.” So […]

When Was the Last Time You Took a ‘ME Day’?

me day

You know you crave it all the time: a whole day when you get to do just what you want to do. For real. A day when you call the shots without thinking about what anyone needs, wants or expects from you. What that day looks like can take many forms for each of us, […]

Latin Inspired Fashion Flavors

Latin fashion and design

I can’t help it. I’m just always attracted to anything with that special Latin flavor, be it food, fashion, books or music. Está en mi sangre. I need the colors, the textures, the flavors, the sounds that remind me of the culture I grew up in and will always be the essence of who I am.

Celebrating My Friendpreneurs


Vaya, ahora sí que me pasé con lo perdida! Life has been happening really fast and furious these days and all my posts get written in my head because I still haven’t found how to download those directly to this here blog.  Brain to blog in its pureness. How beautiful would that be? One of […]

What Inspires You?

Coffee-Mate David Bromstad designs

Is there really a precise moment, an accurate happening, a muse of sorts that brings forth the clarity for a moment of creation or is it just a letting go and a channeling of thoughts / wisdom /sounds /colors that just need to come out? Kind of like those free-flowing moments when you write without thinking or judging. And maybe there it is, my definition of “inspiration” — a moment on non-judgement of your creative being.