The Day She Was a Flower Girl

Camila is obsessed with love, relationships and marriage. The first wedding I took her to was my sister’s in Houston. She was almost four years old but still remembers to this day most of the ceremony in detail. The dress, the kiss, the music, the flowers and the flower girl. Oh, the flower girl. That’s what […]

A Tradition in Mother/Daughter Bonding Through Beauty

Disclosure: JOHNSON’s® No More Tangles® is a Latina Bloggers Connect client and I’m the founder and CEO. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have a confession to make. My hair is curly. Like messy curly that’s hard to restrain. If you’ve only known my online persona, you most likely have never seen those […]

Proud to Be Bilingual

Making My Child Proud to be Bilingual

Camila really, really wants to be famous. Me lo recuerda cada vez que puede, “Mamá, quiero estar en películas y que todos me vean”.  She wants to be in movies so everyone can watch her. It’s her dream and one everyone that meets her really believes she will have fulfilled. I’m not sure I’m ready […]

Music That Binds {Video}

Vivir mi vida --

One of the main reasons my husband and I obsess over raising my daughter to speak Spanish es porque queremos que tenga un pedacito de nosotros siempre. We want her to not only speak Spanish, but to live our Latino culture and love it as much as we do, or at least to want to […]

A Sick Child and a Busy Mamá

It’s just a little past midnight and I’m sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap, in a dark room trying hard not to wake up Camila who’s sleeping right next to me. I can hear her heavy breathe and feel the warmth of her body as she battles the fever that has had her […]