Proud to Be Bilingual

Making My Child Proud to be Bilingual

Camila really, really wants to be famous. Me lo recuerda cada vez que puede, “Mamá, quiero estar en películas y que todos me vean”.  She wants to be in movies so everyone can watch her. It’s her dream and one everyone that meets her really believes she will have fulfilled.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be a stage mom just yet, but somehow my current career path is bringing her lots of opportunities to shine on camera. Funny enough, I worked for major TV channels like Univisión, MTV and mun2 for so many years, yet I never, ever allowed anyone to convince me to cross over from my producer stand to position myself in front of the camera. ¡Me daba demasiada pena! I just felt way too self conscious, in my own naive way.

Now that I am my own pretty much everything — as most entrepreneurs tend to be — I can’t afford to not step in front of the spotlight when the spotlight calls. And you know why I don’t care about being self conscious anymore? Because I can’t afford to. Because I’m a women on a mission. Because I have something to say. Because I will take any opportunity I can get to spread the wings of SpanglishBaby and motivate even one more person to raise a bilingual child and/or embrace their heritage. That changes lives — una por una.

So the spotlight I’m on usually requires my girl to be on it as well, and she can’t get enough of it. She’s on Disney Junior, on Netflix and on many online sponsored spots we’ve done together where she’s had to act and speak en español. Every single one of these productions and interviews have celebrated her bilingual and bicultural being.

This week we were featured on the Noticiero Telemundo, along with my SpanglishBaby co-founder Roxana and her kids, on a special report produced by Vanessa Hauc that highlights the importance of speaking Spanish to our kids and celebrates the work we’ve done with SpanglishBaby during the last five years. What was so special about this shoot was that the camera came to Camila’s school. They wanted to hear her talk in Spanish and capture the unique classroom environment of a dual language immersion program.

Of course, she was the star of the day and I kept reminding her that this is all thanks to her being bilingual. That she’s already starting to fulfill her dreams because she has something very special that we don’t want to lose. Kinda like the poster child of the bilingual kid! Ay, ay, ay! Y lo entiende perfectamente and it makes her proud.

Want to see her in action? Go here to watch the segment on el Noticiero Telemundo.

And you’ll see why I really should start getting myself ready to be a bilingual stage mom! Any tips?

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