A Tradition in Mother/Daughter Bonding Through Beauty

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I have a confession to make. My hair is curly. Like messy curly that’s hard to restrain. If you’ve only known my online persona, you most likely have never seen those curls, pero confía que sí están!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because as a girl my hair, although thin and not the most abundant, was never easy to style. My mom would do these cute Shirley Temple locks on it to try to tame it para los días que me tocaba lucir como Princesa. But most of the time, it was this, attitude and all:


I can’t imagine what my mami had to go through to get me to stop the attitude and pass un cepillo through my hair. I do remember, though, there was lots of No More Tangles detangling spray involved! Lots!

Fast forward some many years and I have a six year old girl who inherited my same hair texture: thin and curly, kinda wavy, kinda depending on the day. So what did I reach out to as a creature of tradition? Yep, No More Tangles. But now there’s a three-step JOHNSON’S No More Tangles® regimen that involves an oh-so practical shampoo/conditioner (we use the one for thin hair), a leave-in conditioner and a detangling spray.

I have to admit that I need all the help I can get in the creative hairstyle for girls department. I do get celosa when I see other girls’ hair so intricately and cutely done and I just can’t go past the simple braid stage. Thankfully, Camila doesn’t care all that much, but thoroughly enjoys the bonding moments we have when I’m brushing her and trying to do something special with her hair. Those moments do become special and she loves seeing her transformation. And she won’t let me touch it without a good dose of No More Tangles detangling spray first! ¡La niña sabe!

I happily sat down with my friend, Latina blogger and JOHNSON’S No More Tangles lifestyle expert, Marinés Duarte, to record this video with Camila getting her hair done in front of me so I could also learn how to make this quick, easy and pretty style all on my own, pero con la ayuda del régimen de JOHNSON’S No More Tangles, claro!

El video está en español y el peinado se llama: La Trenza Estilo Princesa con Pelo Suelto. Muy apropiado!

¿Qué les pareció?

Would love to tweet with you tonight and learn more about how you bond with your daughter and make her feel beautiful. Here are the #NoMoreTangles bilingual Twitter party details. Ahí nos vemos!

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