#ThrowbackThursday — Tulum

TBT Tulum, Mexico -- MadreVida.com

That was me only eight years ago, but it seems so far away.

Tulum, in the Mexican Riviera Maya, is my favorite place of the Madre Tierra I know. It’s my sacred place. It’s the place I think about and get a sudden and sharp pain in my gut de la añoranza de querer estar allí. Cómo te extraño, mi México.

My husband and I lived in Playa del Carmen, just a 45-minute drive to Tulúm, for most of 2005. For those with a good historical memory of devastating natural disasters, that was the year that Hurricane Wilma ripped through Cancun and the Riviera Maya and that Katrina did what it tragically did.

A few months after Wilma left us practically jobless, both my husband and I got (miraculous!) job offers to move to Los Angeles to be part of the new team at mun2, which was setting up digs in Universal City in L.A. Y, pues, aquí estamos.

Admittedly, moving from the Riviera Maya was one of the toughest decisions I ever made, but it had to be done. Less than a year later we returned for Thanksgiving break and we spent a few nights in Tulum — and my daughter was born nine months later…ahem.

That’s this #ThrowbackThursday picture. Me with a glow and in my place of peace.

In Lak’ech — Mayan for “You are my Other Me.”


    • Ana says

      Ay, yo sé Viviana! Voy todos los años porque mis cuñados viven en Cancún, pero ya pasaron 13 meses desde la última! Voy pronto y te aviso!

  1. says

    I love Tulum. It was my first trip outside the US as a college graduation present from my aunt and uncle. Years later and after traveling abroad many times, it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Definitely a place where you feel a part of something greater than yourself.

    • Ana says

      Your aunt and uncle must love you mucho! what a great gift!

      You said it beautifully, you definitely feel your part of something much greater and it’s easy to connect there.

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