Up Close and Personal with ‘The LEGO Movie’ — It’s Awesome {Video}

I seriously was supposed to publish this last week y tenía todas las buenas intenciones de hacerlo, but it was exhausting to be in the sick house with my girl who was out bad with a virus for the full week. At least, she had the awesome memories from the weekend at Legoland for The LEGO Movie media event to keep her going when she was down.

This was our first trip to Legoland (yes, “finally,” she would say!) and #EverythingisAwesome! Once you watch the movie, you will truly get why that hashtag is the must-use one when social media-talking about The LEGO Movie. It’s ridiculously contagious, and the heart and soul of the movie. In fact, when I sat down with bloggers and press to interview the cast and crew of the film, Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller told us they purposely wanted a song that would be so bubble gum pop you-will-never-stop-singing-it and it’s the one thing that survived the many script changes.

And the Legoland Hotel celebrates the fact there’s just no escaping it.

My girl loves a good party. Even in an elevator. No sé a quién salió … ahem..

The unlikely hero of The LEGO Movie is Emmet, voiced by actor Chris Pratt who is married to Anna Faris, and guess who we ran into?

Yep, that’s Anna Faris with their one-and-a-half year old boy super excited to get a picture with Emmet and Wyldstyle. I actually recognized her because of her voice when she screamed out to Emmet to get a picture with them.

Aside from playing paparazzi for a bit, I actually had to work. Así es amigas, the blogger life is full of fun and unique opportunities, but we pay a price for them — not that I mind it at all. I got to spend a few hours playing in Legoland with my girl and husband before I had to head over to The LEGO Movie media event headquarters to get up close and personal with some pretty amazing LEGO Master Builders (talk about a cool profession!), and join the mom bloggers for a special roundtable with Elizabeth Banks, voice of Wyldstyle, where we got to squeeze out some parenting wisdom from her, because that’s what us mom bloggers do!

But I did play, en serio, look!




I have to admit I was much more impressed with The LEGO Movie than I thought I would be based on the trailer and the marketing. Granted, I never played with LEGOs as a child and my girl only gravitates towards LEGO Friends, so I just figured I wasn’t their target. I was so wrong. My girl and I were fascinated that the whole movie really felt as if were done with real LEGOs. In fact, it’s computer-animated but made to simulate what any of what you see were made with actual LEGOs. Basically, it feels like you’re in a kid’s LEGO play world and it all ties in together with superb acting, a very witty script for all ages and a clever story with unexpected twists that make you feel, well, awesome.

One of The LEGO Movie sets that is built from actual LEGOs is the one you will get to see at some point during the movie (don’t even think I’m gonna spoil it for you!) and I got to interview one of the LEGO Master Builders who created this and was on-set during the filming. Check it out:

And if you watch this and you think “Mi hijo(a) could totally be a Master Builder!” then you should watch this video where I pick the brain of another Master Builder to find out just what it takes and how we can support our kid’s future in LEGO.

Make sure you plan to watch The LEGO Movie as soon as it hits theaters this February 7th, because you’re sure to be part of movie-making history.

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