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Stop Doing List --

Have you read Danielle LaPorte? She’s one of my online gurus and I can’t believe I haven’t told you about her yet. It’s her and Marie Forleo and others that I will just have to write a blog post about and share for those of you still living in oblivion to their wonderful-ness.

Since online is where I do most of my learning, there are tons of sites I visit with tips and motivation for entrepreneurs and I learn bits and pieces here and there from. There’s even more spiritual gurus, new age writings, self-help authors with words full of wisdom that we should all follow, but it’s just not always easy to connect directly with the right words that guide the path that you’re at in any given moment.

What I love about Danielle LaPorte is that she shares exactly what I need right now as a woman that’s learning how to be a business woman, but at the same time can not set aside the passions, desires and soul motivations that have led me here. She helps me embrace both parts and I so need that. Business with soul. Growth and success with purpose.

Last week one of her emails was about celebrating the “Stop Doing List” under the premise that “What you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing.”

We’re constantly writing to-do lists, goals, bucket lists and such, but how often do we come to terms with the things we need to STOP doing before we can reach those next evolutionary steps?

So I decided to join in with my own Stop Doing List, because if Seth Godin did … ahí voy  yo también!

I will stop:

  1. Complaining about not blogging enough.
  2. Not getting enough sleep. Five hours should not be okay. Need to make it at least seven hours every night.
  3. Being reactive with my husband. Lots of breathing and patience for this one.
  4. Undervaluing and underselling myself.
  5. Letting my inbox get so out of control all I feel like doing is clicking on “Select all” and then just DELETE.
  6. Over scheduling my day with calls.
  7. Thinking that 41 years of age es más para allá que para acá. If my 41 years have been so well lived, there’s still another 40+ more to go! Glass half full!
  8. Ignoring the pile of shit accumulating in my garage. I.just.don’
  9. Paying a gym membership I don’t use. Sigh.
  10. Giving my best work to others.
  11. Checking my email all day, all the time.
  12. Spend money I don’t have.
  13. Buying produce that just goes to waste.
  14. Caring what others think or don’t think of me.
  15. Multi-tasking. At least I need to stop being proud of it. Not good at all.
  16. Checking my phone when it’s my time with my daughter.

Would love it if you played along too. What is your personal Stop Doing List? If you share on your blog, please let me know in the comments or send me a tweet @laflowers. And if you tweet, the hashtag Danielle is using is #fireSS. Would love to check it out!


    • Ana says

      Lisa, I get so excited every time you stop by!
      I seriously detest going through the ritual of emptying my fridge every Wednesday morning (trash day) of the produce that went to waste. I buy it with the best of intentions, and then nada.

      I hope to read your list soon!

  1. says

    I am a list lover. Is funny I make this kind of lists too Ana. So I’m joining you! with a short one

    I will stop:

    Having days where I don’t eat at least one green vegetable
    Being lazy about calling friends
    Being reserved

    Well is a start!
    Thanks for the inspiration
    I love Danielle and Marie!

  2. says

    You know what? Without knowing it, this year has been my “Stop making lists” year. I stopped being the Super Mom and Super Woman and started a more real and attainable life where my center is God, my family and me. It feels so good! Everything has to pass a more strict filter to see if it benefit us or just takes time/money away and will not have any long term benefit. Hey! time, health, tranquility, family and peace is so valuable and we can lose it if we don’t pay attention to our priorities. ¡He dicho! Ja ja

  3. says

    I love this idea. I usually make lists of the things that have to be done… but have to make a list of the things I will stop doing… like waiting to get rid of all the toys my girls have and don’t play with, just because I feel bad they are going to miss them.. Have to make a post!
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