Procrastination vs Creation

Cherry blossoms and street art at the Highline

© Ana L. Flores Beautiful cherry blossoms and street art view from the Manhattan Highline

The honest truth is that I’m here writing this right now just because I’m freaking out about the project I should really be working on at 10:30pm at night.

You know you do it too. You have a massive deadline. A huge announcement. A “thing,” that ridiculously important “thing” to “do” and you give yourself time to do it and the more time you have, the less you do.

But then the days get closer and closer and you can’t afford to just think about the thing because the thing needs to come to life! And so it happens that the thing starts speaking to you from its own creative creation space. It wants to come out. It’s ready to come out if only you’d give it a bit of your time and focus the light on IT.

The creative process is an un peeling of the barriers, fears and objections we imagine to keep our “things” locked in the dark. The analogy of giving birth to an idea is so perfect because everything we create comes from a place of darkness, of incubation, until we’re ready for it to see the light. But the whole moment we’ve been seemingly procrastinating we (the idea/thing and us) just been internally giving it form, shape, meaning, a heartbeat, a personality, a DNA and brain that forms from a mere thought that we were so lucky to grab and impregnate.

Or maybe it is just procrastination and this is a beautiful way for me to justify all the time I’ve lost. Or maybe it’s just a mere validation of Parkinson’s Law, that adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” The time for its completion is now.

My mami was right: “No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy.”

Ya me voy. Thing coming soon!


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