SpanglishLife on Flipboard Latino (and how you can get your own bilingual magazine!)

I’ve found a new way to procrastinate while I create! Well, I’ve actually been a Flipboard user since 2010 when I got my first iPad (that I gave to my husband!) and it was one of the first apps he discovered and we obsessed about. I just loved how easy it was to get lost in article after article, and even tweets and Facebook updates, in a platform that aggregates it all and then just makes it all look pretty, organized and easy to “flip” through.

Ana Flores' SpanglishLife on Flipboard Latino

Last month I was approached by Flipboard, via my friend Joe Kutchera, who is now the Head of Hispanic Content + Publishers for the company, and invited to create a magazine for the launch of their US Latino Content Guide. This was purely a collaboration (read, no compensation was asked for or needed) in good faith and sounded like lots of fun for me since I’m already a Flipboard user.

I decided to create a magazine called Spanglish Life to share the eclectic mix of content that really makes up mi vida. Me gusta un poco de todo and Flipboard made it easy to curate it all into one place. Take a peek:

View my Flipboard Magazine.

You can follow it if you like because I’m always adding new reads and social media finds to it. You can also find it as a recommendation on the “Estilo de Vida” section of the U.S. Latino Content Guide.

How to find the content guide? Just open your Flipboard and click on the red flag on the upper right corner. Then scroll down to “New and Noteworthy” and click there. Scroll all the way down and you’ll find a down arrow with the text “Choose Your Content Guide Edition.” Choose U.S. Latino and you’re done. The language will switch to Spanish and you’ll discover a treasure trove of bilingual content that’s relevant to Latinos.

Of course, now I’ve gotten a bit obsessed and have started creating hyper niche magazines focused on Los Angeles, raising bilingual kids, Latina bloggers and reads on creating a business with soul. Let the creative procrastination live on!

Ana Flores Flipboard Latino magazine
Want to create your own Flipboard magazine? Check out this quickie tutorial and get going. It’s a great way to showcase your area of expertise and even your own content.

Please do let me know if you create a magazine so I can follow it/them. Just leave me the link in the comments below and we’ll read and flip each other! Oh, and follow and share with #FlipboardLatino!

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