Latin Inspired Fashion Flavors

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I can’t help it. I’m just always attracted to anything with that special Latin flavor, be it food, fashion, books or music. Está en mi sangre. I need the colors, the textures, the flavors, the sounds that remind me of the culture I grew up in and will always be the essence of who I am.

I particularly love sabores that remind me of mi tierra — like Coffee-mate’s Abuelita Mexican Chocolate and La Lechera Dulce De Leche. Just a splash is enough to add that sweet taste of childhood to my morning coffee. Because a splash of cultura is  sometimes all you need to feel connected and grounded.

I already shared with you my favorite playlist of mujeres with soul that makes me soar. This time I created a special Pinterest board to share my taste for Latin fashion flair. It’s a bit boho, a bit traditional at times, but definitely colorful and unique. Wearing a beautiful Aztec or Peruvian print is my way of expressing that Latin touch that is who I am.

I have a weak spot for fashion that is inspired by the autochtonous art, textiles and designs  of indigenous Latin American cultures, but that is elevated to easy-to-wear, everyday pieces and accessories — like this Mexican stripes jean jacket and Fiesta mini dress from Free People.

Striped Mexican Denim Jacket

Fiesta mini dress -- Latin fashion flair

Sometimes all it takes is a unique accessory to make your Latin fashion statement. The ones below are made with such craft that you can almost feel the hands and heart they came from. From left to right: Beaded sunburst pouch by Mara Hoffman; Huichol beaded necklace by Carolina K.; Mola bangles by Malili Otoya; Castilla tote made of Peruvian hand-stitched woven textiles  on Free People



Latin fashion and design

Or how about bringing it down and lounging with a comfortable, yet intricate, embroidered blouse / mini dress? This one from the AidaCoronado Etsy shop is all sorts of beautiful.

AidaCoronado embroidered blouseOur culture is so rich it transcends languages, borders, colors and races. How do you #LiveLifeLatin?


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