I Can Be a Mermaid, Yes I Can

If you want to live an eventful, always surprising and changing life, think about becoming a blogger. I’m collaborating with Coffee-mate for the rest of the year and they are certainly keeping it full of surprises.

This month the conversation is all about how we need to #TakeBackVanilla, changing the social conversation from “vanilla is boring” to “vanilla is exciting!” and celebrate the release of  the Classic Vanilla flavor.

Well, a few weeks ago they asked me to send them a picture of me doing something fun. You know what’s sad? I couldn’t think of one! It actually stressed me out! I have tons of pics of my girl doing cute, fun and funny stuff. I have plenty of me hanging out with friends where I know I’m having fun. But of me, sola y divertida? I drew a blank.

And then I found this one in my Instagram feed.

coffee-mate #takebackvanilla Latina bloggers


Ahá! I definitely had fun swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez during a media trip to La Paz in Baja California Sur. So I sent them this one. I had no idea what would happen to that picture once I hit send.

And then this hit my inbox today.


Would I laugh? Would I cry of embarrassment? Would I ask them to please remove it from their Facebook page?

And then I realized I was being SO old-fashioned “vanilla!” SO BORING! Why couldn’t I just laugh at myself and have fun with it? So I showed it to my girl. She knows fun. Her response? “Not fair! Why not me?” She’s a Leo. Of course she would say that.

So I proudly joined the #TakeBackVanilla movement. Coffee-mate launched a photo activation where you can submit a photo of yourself, pick a vanilla flavor – Classic or French Vanilla – and have one of their artists transform your photo and give it the “vanilla” treatment. You only have until July 25th to submit your pic. It’s actually really fun and original. Check out just how cool and different all the vanilla-fied pics are.

And submit your photo here, where you’ll see my smiling mermaid mug greeting you! Yes, I indulge, it’s fun :)

Can’t wait to see what your vanilla treatment looks like! If you get one, share with me at @laflowers and with #TakeBackVanilla.


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