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Coffee-Mate David Bromstad designs

Disclosure: As a 2014 Coffe-mate Ambassador, this is a sponsored post brought to you courtesy of Coffee-mate. All opinions and stories are my own.

Isn’t that sometimes one of the toughest questions you can ask someone? Yet, we always seem to want to know just how those people we admire so much for their creative soul find those moments of inspiration to create with so much passion.

Is there really a precise moment, an accurate happening, a muse of sorts that brings forth the clarity for a moment of creation or is it just a letting go and a channeling of thoughts / wisdom /sounds /colors that just need to come out? Kind of like those free-flowing moments when you write without thinking or judging. And maybe there it is, my definition of “inspiration” — a moment on non-judgement of your creative being.

With the full knowledge that my question was a bit cliché, I still wanted to know what inspired HGTV Designer David Bromstad to create the new designs for Coffee-mate’s French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors, available exclusively at Target. I had the chance to interview him and found out that his inspiration with commissioned work comes from a need to understand the client and what their story is about. David shares that he’s an “average coffee drinker and an average Coffee-mate user.” Since his favorite Coffee-mate flavors are French Vanilla and Hazelnut, he just mixes them both to get his ultimate taste inspiration. He mixed that with what he calls “a large, wonderful, beautiful, very touching story behind Coffee-mate” that he learned during his time with them and the inspiration for the designs came to him from all that.

David is known for inspiring others to dream big and make a splash by being unique, so I wondered how he envisions his Coffee-mate limited-edition designer bottles being reused in the most creative ways through other’s inspirations? Because, how cool is that, right? Art inspiring art?

His ideas?

  • Refill them with more Coffee-mate so you can use them all the time and make the designs last since they will only be available at Target for a limited time
  • Turn them into cute little vases (which was Camila’s idea and that’s what we did!)
  • Put a nice big candle in it and have wax melt down the bottles

But he (and I!) really want to know what would you do to creatively reuse these limited-edition Coffee-mate bottled designed by HGTV Designer David Bromstad?

So I naturally went to Pinterest and I found Coffee-mate bottles are quite the upcycled, reusable-item rage! Why not turn them into coffee-drinking mammals, or easy-to-make snowman. They’re quite useful as snack containers , to organize dry goods in the pantry or even as bowling pins! But my favorite have to be these solar-lit snowmen to use outdoors!

Coffee-mate is celebrating David’s inspiration and yours with a Get Inspired with Coffee-mate sweepstakes where they invite you to share a picture of your favorite coffee moment on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #CMInspiresSweepsEntry and be entered to win one of these prizes:

o   One (1) Grand Prize:

  • Signed David Bromstad Giclée , a museum quality reproduction of one of his paintings
  • $500 Target® GiftCard
  • Free COFFEE-MATE® creamer for a year

o   Four (4) Weekly Prizes (one prize per week):

  • One (1) COFFEE-MATE® gift pack which contains Coffee-mate creamer for a year
  • $500 Target® GiftCard
  • To learn more, visit Coffee-mate on Facebook or join the conversation with #CMInspires.


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