When Was the Last Time You Took a ‘ME Day’?

You know you crave it all the time: a whole day when you get to do just what you want to do. For real. A day when you call the shots without thinking about what anyone needs, wants or expects from you. What that day looks like can take many forms for each of us, but not enough of us actually carve out the time and space to listen to our own needs and just make it happen.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by Domain.ME, the provider of the .me domain extension, revealed that 70% of Americans feel they don’t take regular “me time.” Would you raise your hand? I totally do! I have to force myself to give myself a “me” day after I’ve accomplished a huge feat, like I did the day after #WeAllGrow Summit ended and I locked myself up in a spa for a few hours.

A whole day is tough, but I can give myself me moments here and there.

Like taking off for a jog at the beach on a Sunday afternoon.


Or just laying oceanside for a few hours drenching in the sun (with sunscreen!!) and devouring a book while my girl is out on a playdate.

Just one of those (rare) days

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But the reality is that I also feel a “ME Day” is celebrating my accomplishments. It’s being surrounded by like-minded people that feed my soul. It’s spending all day creating from the heart, but with a clear intent and purpose. All that nourishes my ME as well.

#WeAllGrow and LBC Teams

Domain.me was actually along with me and my Latina Bloggers Connect team as sponsors of our inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit. They were there to celebrate the fabulous women that gathered in Los Angeles last week to gift themselves the opportunity to connect and grow.

ME Day domain.me

And now I will join Domain.me in Austin for the South by Southwest Interactive festival next week to celebrate the very first “ME Day” in the U.S.! Domain.me has designated March 16, 2015 the first-ever “ME Day” in the U.S. — a day to celebrate and share what makes each of us unique and to indulge, nourish and develop our personal passions and skills. That day we’ll be celebrating at the ME Day party happening at SXSWi and I’ll be there live sharing via @laflowers and @lbconnect on Twitter and Instagram.

I’d love for you to join us that day from wherever you are and share how you celebrate YOU. Just share on social with the hashtag #MEday and you can also follow @domainME on Twitter.

Disclosure: I am being fully sponsored by Domain.ME to attend the South by Southwest festival. All opinions are my own.

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