Time to Grow: #WeAllGrow Summit

#WeAllGrow Summit, by Latina Bloggers Connect

Amigas, I really should have shared this here last week, but that’s how crazy this vida has been the last few days with a move to a new house to the other side of the city (which is like moving to another planet), no power for three days, no wifi for four, and the regular all-in-the-day-of-an-entrepreneur’s-wild-life goodness.

Today is my first day with wifi in the new, but still in boxes, casita, and I can finally focus to share this enormous news with all of you: I’m organizing a conference! Well, it’s certainly not “I,” it’s a huge, fat, adorable and amazing WE. We, as in Latina Bloggers Connect, are finally organizing our first conference: #WeAllGrow Summit

It’s going to be from February 26-28 in Los Angeles, my adopted home. I adore this city and I’ll take any chance I can get to show it off and make lovers out of todos los que se dejen.

LBC is on it’s way to celebrating our 4th anniversary, so we finally feel ready, not only as a company, but as a community to create something of this level. And by level I mean quality, not exactly quantity. We want to create the space and experiences for Latina bloggers and digital influencers to connect with each other and the brands they love and that love them back. We want those connections to be real and authentic. We want the learning experience to be hands-on, experiential and that you’ll go back home on a total high and with the tools and motivation to take your blog and social media presence to the next level — yes, that level you know you’re ready to step into.

It’s all about what’s been our motto since day one: If one grows, we all grow. So let’s do this together, si?

#WeAllGrow Summit

I have to tell you that I’m already in awe of the light and love this summit has been received with. I’ve had incredible support from women I admire whom have put together conferences that were an integral part of my professional formation as a blogger and community leader. I can’t thank them enough.

I’ve had support from other bloggers (and even the husbands!) that have reached out to offer their skills.

My husband has been holding the fort while I procrastinated to create.

My LBC Team has stepped up to the plate like the incredible pros they are and are going above and beyond.

My friends (bloggers and non) have been essential in so many ways.

And what about my graphic design studio?! My friend Maria Virginia Troconis of Grafikisto just outdid herself with the logo and website branding concept for #WeAllGrow Summit. The beauty is thanks to her.

But those first 25 bloggers from all over the U.S. that grabbed the first set of conference passes within two hours of announcing it and the Top 25 special sale really blew my mind. We had to make it Top 35, and those quickly went as well — even all the way to Mexico!

Esto es solo el comienzo. We’re going to live up to our promise because that’s what we do. At moments I wonder what the heck I got myself into, but then I remember to take it day by day and with faith and a good attitude forward, everything will fall into place and we’ll, together, create something very special.

Site: weallgrowsummit.com
Hashtag: #WeAllGrow
@WeAllGrowSummit on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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