The Day I Got Big Hair

Leave it up to Marco Peña, TRESemmé’s celebrity stylist, to convince me to go big with my hair.

Ana Flores -- Hair by TRESemmé

Yes, that’s me with temporary extensions and lots of Marco Peña and TRESemmé intervention. ¿Qué te parece?

I was invited to stop by the London hotel in Los Angeles to meet with Marco Peña and check out TRESemmé’s line of products for all types of hairs. Little did I know that my girl and I would have a fabulous mother-daughter bonding moment over hair, of the big kind.


My hair is super thin (as you can tell from the pic above) and after almost four years of getting it straightened with keratin, I’m ready for a break and want to go back to my natural curls. So I’m trying  out as many products as I can to see which ones really bring back the curls. If I ever need to feel smooth again, I can try TRESemmé’s 7 Day Keratin Smooth System and get similar effects, but without the damage so I can bounce back my curls right after.

TRESemmé products

What I didn’t expect is that Marco Peña would not only style my hair with TRESemmé products, but also add extensions for some additional vavoom. Y se lo agradezco. Between his hair vision and Aileen’s flawless makeup, I left feeling guapísima. Oh, and Camila got the rockstar treatment too, and she loved it. Too bad it was a Monday and we only got to flaunt our looks via Instagram before bedtime!

TRESemmé, thanks for the big hair, the perfect pictures by Nicolas Stipcianos, and the great time.



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