Why MadreVida?

Why MadreVida?I’m pretty sure those that know me are probably thinking “Does she really need another blog?” and the classic “How does she do it all?”

First of all, I don’t “do it all,” para nada! I fail miserably at the balancing act of perfectionism, so I’ve just embraced the fact that a sense of balance that comes and goes in waves is the rhythm of the life I’ve created for myself.

So do I need yet another blog to add to my stack of plates que se tambalean por aquí y por allá? Yes and no. Those that know me really, really well know that I’m all shades of grey…or more like pinkish these days of six-year-old girlie-ness.

They get I’m more than just the mamá obsessed (not an understatement!) with making sure her daughter is raised bilingually. Nor am I just the blogger and the entrepreneur that borders on workaholism because I can’t get enough of what I do. Nor am I only the carefully-selected pictures you see on my social media profiles.

So what am I? There’s one thing I know for sure, and I count my blessings for the path filled with risks, failures and growth that took me to realize that I’m a Bridge. A connector. It’s what I naturally do and what gives me real joy.

MadreVida is the outside voice of that Bridge. It’s here where I will have an online life with  no agenda. It’s here where I won’t always follow all the blogging rules and must-do’s because I have no real mission other than to Be.

It might be selfish, but there’s an unexplainable need to reinvent myself in this space without any real mission guiding me…and to connect with you — dear reader that’s reading right now and I’m loving on because how truly magical is that?

I’m a Madre con muy poca madre que está hasta la madre de tanta madre y quiere nada más ser Vida de la manera más intensa y dejarse llevar por las olas que nos elevan y nos arrastran día con día. Quiero hacerlo contigo porque solamente tenemos una MadreVida.

So, let’s get this going. Talk to me; I want to listen. Háblame y cuéntame. Te escucho.


    • Ana says

      Es que lo soy and one day my girl will be able to write about it! Ha! Thanks for being here..and there..and everywhere where it’s nice and pretty.

    • Ana says

      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie! I’m glad you get it. I guess I like doing thins backwards because I entered blogging with a clear mission (which I’m still right on!), but never allowed myself to just show my Self. So here we go…

    • Ana says

      Gracias, Cristalia! Antes me atrevía a escribir disque poesía, pero hace mucho que no me fluía nada. Hay que dejarlo salir sin censura. A ver si el músculo poético se me relaja un poco!

  1. says

    I love this! And I am so happy you have created this new space. You know I’m a fan of all that you do, so I’m looking forward to reading more! xo

  2. says

    Classic and lovely, my friend…just like you. I love your new home…it suits you perfectly. I said yesterday on SpanglishBaby I was looking forward to seeing what you are doing next… I didn’t have to wait long :) Many congratulations. xoxo

  3. says

    Hola Ana,
    I heard you speak at LATISM13 and I was inspired to start a blog. Its wonderful that you’ve created a personal space and a way to connect with us – your fans & supporters. Pa’lante y felicidades!

    • Ana says

      Catherine, this makes me so, so happy. I’m so glad you started your own blog and I’m heading over there right now! Pa’llá voy!

  4. says

    I love it Ana! Such a great space and so excited for you. You’re amazing I look up to you. You’re such an inspiration to me as a mama and as woman. Just read all your entries and smiled at every at every single one. I’m excited to read more xo

    • Ana says

      Making you smile, makes me smile. It truly does. I admire your drive and professionalism. What you want is yours for the taking!

    • Ana says

      Yay, Jennifer! So happy to see you here. I’m always amazed at how much you do and what an amazing community builder you are. Truly hope we keep collaborating. Un abrazo!

    • Ana says

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Natalie. I think what feels “right” to me will continue to evolve and I’m excited for the process.

  5. says

    Love it and totally understand your need for this space and the need to “re-invent.” We get locked into these roles and titles and personas, and sometimes there’s a little voice screaming – that’s not all of me!

    I totally support you, amiga. If it means I get more Ana Flores, whatever it is, I’m all for it ;)

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