How We Glow at Mom 2.0 Summit and Iris Awards

I love the word “glow.” And its definition per Merriam-Webster of “warmth or feeling of emotion” perfectly describes the sensations you experience at a Mom 2.0 Summit. That glow was intensified this year with the first Iris Awards, celebrating the best in the parent blogging community. This year in Atlanta was my third time going […]

How I Got Over My (Stupid) Fear of Celebrating Mi Cumpleaños

It has taken me 42 years — sí, ¡cuarenta y dos! — to finally get over my ridiculous fear of celebrating my birthday. Of course I love to celebrate my birthday and feel the love, but I detest having to organize it, come up with a fun and original plan and then go through the […]

My Personal Stop Doing List

Stop Doing List --

Have you read Danielle LaPorte? She’s one of my online gurus and I can’t believe I haven’t told you about her yet. It’s her and Marie Forleo and others that I will just have to write a blog post about and share for those of you still living in oblivion to their wonderful-ness. Since online […]

#LaInstaVida: Frida, Aztecs, Malibu y la Abuelita

Me doy vergüenza a mi misma! I was supposed to be taking better care of this dear blog here — at least those were my deepest intentions. I won’t slap my own hand or give you a post full of regrets of what I wanted to do but haven’t done because it’s so not my […]

Proud to Be Bilingual

Making My Child Proud to be Bilingual

Camila really, really wants to be famous. Me lo recuerda cada vez que puede, “Mamá, quiero estar en películas y que todos me vean”.  She wants to be in movies so everyone can watch her. It’s her dream and one everyone that meets her really believes she will have fulfilled. I’m not sure I’m ready […]

Music That Binds {Video}

Vivir mi vida --

One of the main reasons my husband and I obsess over raising my daughter to speak Spanish es porque queremos que tenga un pedacito de nosotros siempre. We want her to not only speak Spanish, but to live our Latino culture and love it as much as we do, or at least to want to […]

How I’ve (Finally) Learned to Say “No”

¿Porqué nos cuesta tanto decir NO? I ask myself that all the time. Why is it so freaking hard to say no? My gut tells me immediately. I feel my whole body tighten up and send all sorts of alarm signals that, in all honesty, I do feel and recognize but decide to completely ignore. ¿Te […]